Values from iWay


We provide email solutions and flexible, reliability collaboration suite to medium and small businesses, organizations to meet the needs of exchange anytime, anywhere. We always try to improve our all services for the Customer trust and choice.

Recognized branding: iWay is one of the leading open source service providers in Vietnam.

Practical experience: With practical experience in open source for years, our deployment services are very fast and convenient, also time saving for clients.

Flexible and multiple services: We offer many kind of services, completing time, responding time  and criteria for specific requirements of customers.

Competitive and effecitive cost: If you look around, you will see that the price which we offer is always in the best with many storage frames, features and more secure than any other providers.

Professional 24/7 support: If you have any question / problem at anytime, please contact us. Our professional and  experience team always ready to consult, answer any your questions.

Beyond all the distance: iWay's services are always ready to meet needs in all provinces of Vietnam and other countries.