Zimbra benefits


The overwhelming complexity of managing high volumes of email communication with legacy systems is painful. Which administrator really likes getting yelled at when messages or mailboxes are lost? How many employees enjoy scrolling through of hundreds emails because searching is too hard?


Zimbra Collaboration Suite olves the problems faced by administrators and end-users:

Key Administrative Benefits

- Better reliability

Faster online move, backup and recovery of individual or a group of mailboxes

- Cost effective Native

Hierarchical storage management and clustering

- Easy to maintain

Simple to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory and existing LDAP directories


- Extensibility

Web services integration with existing enterprise applications

- All in one

Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus

- Lower-Overhead Management

Native Hierarchical Storage Management or Information Lifecycle Management (HSM / ILP)

Multi-domain support and administration on a single node

Online single mailbox restore to point-in-time

Online mailbox moves (and backups)

Integrated High Availability Solution

Rich, zero footprint, AJAX-based administrator interface (cross browser/OS)

Dashboards for real-time system activity

Comprehensive command-line tools

SOAP APIs for every administrative action

- Server and Storage Consolidation

Substantial reduction in managed storage - One copy of email & attachments per server (rather than one per user or one per storage group)

Substantial increase in the number of users per CPU - Multi-level caching and optimization of underlying system.

- Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure

Web services – Full API for easy Bi-directional integration with enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, etc…

Client - Outlook, Mobile, IMAP, POP, iCalendar, RSS, etc.

Directory - Active Directory/LDAP integration, provisioning support

Messaging Server - Co-existence and migration tools (including Microsoft Exchange)

- Security

Web security model - Single sign-on, TLS/SSL, no VPN required

Secured attachment opening and HTML rendering

SpamAssassin and ClamAV included

Compatibility with existing anti-spam/anti-virus (via Postfix & amavisd-new)

- Open solution

Open source

Open formats - One MIME message per file means Zimbra storage is not opaque to sys. admin. or operating system utilities

Key End-user Benefits

- Elegant experience

Innovative Ajax-based web client with search, shared calendar and mail that is integrated with contacts and calendar

- Flexibility

Use web client, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple for email, contacts, and calendar

- Stay Connected

Support for mobile smart devices: Blackberry (via partner solutions), Treo and etc

- Freedom of choice

Support of Windows, Apple and Linux computers

- Save time

Zimlet "mash-ups" simplify tasks

- Freedom of Client Choice

Browser - Zimbra Ajax client

PC Client - Outlook (Online, Offline, Cached Mode), Apple Mail and iCal, Eudora, Evolution, Thunderbird/Sunbird, RSS, etc.

Mobile - Wireless devices "over the air" synchronization: Blackberry (via partner solutions), Palm, Nokia, Motorola, Good, PocketPC, etc.

- Self-Organizing Mailboxes

Powerful, fast search (including messages and attachments)

Saved searches across folders

Conversation views across folders


- Comprehensive Calendaring

Group scheduling with free/busy management and controls

Multiple calendars per user

Calendar delegation and sharing

Multi-calendar views

Subscribe to external calendars in .ics format

- Extensible model for linking message content to external web services and applications (expressable via hover-over and/or click)

Intranet - ERP, CRM, Support, Finance, HR, VoIP phone, etc.

Internet – Google/Yahoo Maps, Skype, Travel, Package Tracking, etc.

- Efficient context switching

Quickly view/create calendar appointments while in mail

Quickly create/edit contacts while in mail

Quickly view sender’s website while in mail

Any Place, Any Machine

Rich, zero footprint, AJAX-based end-user interface (cross browser/OS)

Security sans VPN

Secure, read-only access to attachments without special-purpose client software

- Modern collaboration styles/formats

RSS/ATOM feeds


With these benefits, you see the Zimbra features, working environment and how to cost to meet your needs?