Our services


We are proud of to be one of the most active members in FOSS organizations as FOSS-Bridge, IOSN... iWay provide professional service packages to support enterprises, organizations converting information system to use free open source softwares in order to save cost, increase effectiveness, safety and security.

We currently provide the following services:

iWay collaborates with FOSS manufacturers and service providers in Vietnam and from over the world, our experienced and qualified specialists will consult, support enterprises and organizations to select the suitable softwares, plan their financial schedule, migrate data, develop custom, support system operations.

iWay provide basic and advanced courses for both system administrators and end-users for using FOSS in their work.

Deployment, Support and Maintenance services
iWay provide completing service packages to planning, designing, deployment, converting, integration and support and maintenance for the lifetime of using FOSS.

Development Services as required
We develop/customize systems based on available FOSS to meet all client's needs.
Ready FOSS Systems

We current provide the following FOSS:
- Linux OS for servers and desktops: Fedora, CentOS, Debian
- Networking and Security: Bind, Squid, Zebra, ZenOSS, iptables, OpenVPN, ClamAV
- Portal: eXo Platform
- Collaboration and Messaging: OBM, Zimbra, Openfire, HylaFax, Postfix
- VoIP: Asterisk, Trixbox
- ERP: OpenERP
- CRM: SugarCRM, vTigerCRM
- Document Management and Business Automation: KnowledgeTree, ProcessMaker, Pentaho
- Ticket/Issue Management: OTRS, Bugzilla
- Content Management System: Drupal, eXo Platform, Alfresco
- Office Productivity: OpenOffice, LibreOffice
- Vietnamese Support: Bogo

Please contact us to be consulted detailed for your system.