Benefits free open source software


Free and/or open source software (FOSS), in the view of licensing model, is the freedom to run, modify, improve and release. In the view of development, FOSS means “open” and has the extensive interaction in the software development.


Currently, FOSS has attracted the strong attention of community, and the number of softwares and users have increased significantly. The following benefits will make you, if haven't used, to choose between commercial software and FOSS.


The most valuable benefit got from using FOSS is to reduce total cost of ownership:


- Zero license fee; also have ability to stop using illegal softwares

- Zero software upgrade fee in the lifetime

- Reduce software development cost, hardware purchasing and running, maintenance cost

- Just need to purchase visible valuable services such as: consulting, custom development, deployment, integration, upgrade, training, support and maintenance.

- Reduce 75-80% the total cost just in the first year.


Reduce the dependencies with a specific software provider or consultant. FOSS users have right to modify the software in-house or to engage the consultant or another party to modify the software in the future.


For working systems, adoption will help to avoid the "risk" of copyright violation and / or "force" to buy license.


Enhance the business brand when publishing to community, partners, customers (especially in overseas) that we have converted successfully and 100% no violation copyright.


Increase reliability, stable, safe, privacy the system.