Ability to interact


Ability to exchange, interact between Linux, FOSS & Windows.


Saving investment cost, operation cost by switching to use FOSS, it doesn't lost the ability to interact with all system, including systems running on Windows (not yet switch or no ability to switch due to application suppliers haven't version for Linux).  Linux users can interact with Windows users by many ways.


Dual booting: Linux & Windows can be installed together on 2  separate partitions on hard drive of computer, users can restart any operating system when they turn on computer.


Network access: Linux users can access to the drives, printers which share on Window through SMB network protocol.


Virtual machines: Softwares (like Vmware, Xen) allow Linux users can create virtual computer on Linux, install Windows & run Windows applications as normal.


Terminal servers: Linux users can connect to remote accept services (Terminal services) on Windows to run remotely applications on that computer.


Windows emulation: Wine project rebuilt all standard library of Windows follow up face Windows environment on Linux, run base Windows applications as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer...


Applications, file format on Linux, besides equally features, also support ability standard file format on Windows. Typically as OpenOffice external standard ODF (certified ISO), support OOXML standard, the lastest file format on Mỉcosoft Office. You can read, write, convert information easily.