FOSS Adoption Guidelines


Using FOSS system in your organization, some principles below should be implemented to ensure the conversion process does not affect much to the works:


According to management angle:
- Convince top-down order to receive support at all levels starting from the leadership.
- Prepare well, appreciate the current status of information systems, clarity the desires, demand when convert, including the methods and criteria evaluate the results.
- Search useful consultant information, special from consaltant, supply professional services, the similar conversation cases were successful.
- Planning & deployment process in full.
- Shouldn't convert all information system immediately that convert each section.
- The network services on server (network, email, web, database, printing...) don't effect dỉrectly to daily works of users,  they were converted the first, software on client of users were converted after. Even some special applications  which haven't open source version and/or running on Linux (as Fast Accounting), are converted at the end.
- At all sites, some computers convert stage 1, stage 2 then convert all.  Order deployment bases on real situation.


According to technology angle:
- Understand development  process to feeling FOSS's quality and  remarkable advantages.
- Survey status of information technology applications, including softwares, hardwares were directly effected by convert process.
- Use up elasticity of FOSS's high interaction to design an architecture suitable with new information system.
- Research well FOSS which you will convert including packages avaiable in Linux distributions and necessary additional packages.
- When select conversation FOSS, priorities stability more functions.
- Set up support process with support system according to ticket to ensure maximum and the fastest support for users.
- Set up and update regularly detail diary of the conversation process.


According to social angle:
- Provide information, base knowledge about FOSS for all users.
- Shouldn't force users, should complain, persurede users with full  trial, demos, documents ....
- Converting is a good opportunity for users to improve work skills.
- Optimization, learning and using FOSS is easy.
- Hold some conferences to summary each stage, encorages users who like to use new system asses and comment.