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We support attachments up to 20Mb. Attachments larger than that size generally have trouble traveling through email systems.

Yes. This is a straight-forward process that you can setup independently, and our support team can assist you to setup.

Yes, we provide support during the trial days. You can use our support gate.

This feature isn't avaiable in the hosted environment. It'll have in the futures.

Zimbra can share its all applications as: Calendar, Task, Briefcase, Address Book, Email…

Besides separating data network, Zimbra support:
• Data security through TLS
• Private security section is scanned
• Share of jobs for the system, data and application access
• Limited to access system by function

At 90%, the user will receive a warning mail. They will continue to receive this mail once per day until their quota usage goes below 90%.  If their quota usage hits 100%, mail delivery will stop and senders will receive temporary failures.

No function automatically restore password for the user. Please contact administrator to reset it.

Yes! You may cancel yourself anytime in the first 30 days of service without any obligation to continue. In fact, with monthly terms, even after the first 30 days, there's no obligation to continue past the next month you've paid for, you may enter your Billing Manager yourself at any time and cancel your service independently. We depend on our service excellence and value to keep our customers, not long term contracts.

"Help desk services" is unlimited, 24/7 access to our help desk, either for another help desk, or directly to Zimbra users, to help resolve client-side issues.

Zimbra uses ClamAV spam filtering technology to guard your computer against email-borne viruses.

We support all major mobile solutions:

- Windows Mobile (Treo, Samsung, Moto Q etc.)
- Blackberry (full syncing via BES server)
- iPhone (full syncing via Exchange conduit)
- Palm (not recommended, but it works with Zimbra)

We include 300MB standard for each account.
If you are a heavy user, and need extra space, we charge $1 per 100MB for extra account storage space.